BNI was established in 1985 and began franchising in 1996. Since it’s launch in November 2004,  the BNI India franchise has established itself in 97 cities and has shown year-on-year growth in subscriptions.

This means two things; firstly, BNI has a proven track record as a franchise model and secondly, it is a business model able to grow in any economic environment.



  • 100% success rate – every single person who had bought a similar business in the past had recouped their investment.
  • A business that earns you money, while you are not working, allowing you to spend more time with your family.
  • An opportunity to get out, meet people, help them grow their businesses and impress them.
  • New access to an international network of people ready, willing and able to help you.
  • Minimal ongoing costs, with no need for expensive premises, large staff, advertising or stock.
  • Proven procedures, which you can follow to the letter, and that you will know will definitely work.
  • Cash generative, where customers pay you upfront, rather than on credit.



What attracted me to BNI in the first place, more than the business opportunities, was its philosophy of Givers Gain. I started my journey in 2011 as a member of BNI Gurgaon and by 2014 I had transitioned into the role of executive director along with Rakesh Kochhar. Today my role has grown beyond Gurgaon’s borders and across India allowing me to give further expression to my passion by being on the National training team, a Support District Director among other national level roles. Under our guidance BNI Gurgaon has grown to over 1100 members and is consistently ranked amongst the top regions of the world. I take particular pride in working with women entrepreneurs (over 215 amazing women members in BNI Gurgaon and their tribe is growing) and helping them realize their dream. BNI Gurgaon for us, is more than a business but an opportunity to create positive stories of change in our community. Our vision is 2000 members by 2024 impacting over 100,000 lives.

Arti Kochhar

Executive Director BNI Gurgaon In


BNI – Changing the way the world does business, absolutely true in every sense. I was a member of BNI in Hyderabad west region and I have personally experienced what BNI can do to a businessmen. My business increased and I have developed a good network which was ready to help me for anything and everything. So I have decided to leave my existing business to my partner ( my brother-in-law) and moved to Visakhapatnam to help the local businessmen to experience what I have experienced as a member. In just about 6 years time I can proudly say that this is my full time business now and I have added 550+ members. Today BNI has made a huge difference in the local business community by helping members making more money. It gives me huge satisfaction and high level of respect in the city. I am thankful to BNI for changing the way Vizag does business.

KVT Ramesh

Executive Director BNI Visakhapatnam


My journey of BNI has been the most amazing growth experience. My Partner Atul Joglekar and myself started our journey of managing the region in February 2014. Since then we have grown our region to approximately 1400 members in our 2 regions. BNI has given me an opportunity to change lives by helping entrepreneurs to come together and expand their business and their boundaries and the satisfaction of helping people succeed through a structured process is what makes this not only a business but much more as you interact with so many people. In this journey, not only have I had the opportunity of affecting other’s lives but also changed mine to be able to speak better, inspire others and lead change so that we could become a small part of changing the way the world does business.

Bharat Daga

Executive Director BNI Pune


Change in mindset from Competition to Collaboration to Co-creation, from Limitations to Abundance is the best thing that can happen to an entrepreneur, especially from a small town like Mysore. By bringing a new concept to Mysore, creating a Giving Mindset, changing the way Mysoreans network, transforming every entrepreneur who has walked the path, we are proud to have impacted Businesses by mentoring, coaching, helping them to grow with BNI’s GIVERS GAIN Philosophy. Personally, I have gained tremendously in my 8-year journey in BNI - structured world-class systems, teamwork and the power of working strength focused. We see a lot of young men and women coming back home to Mysore to follow their passion. Thank you BNI, for the opportunity to guide and turn the aspiring entrepreneur to a successful business owner.

Renu Srinivasan

Executive Director BNI Mysore Region



Please click the button below and fill the form if you are interested in regional franchise opportunities. We will require some basic background information about you and your business,
and the reason for your interest, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.


Top Franchise Regions Available

Northern India

  • Haryana
    • Sonipat
    • Ambala
    • Rohtak
    • Panipat
  • Uttarakhand
    • Haridwar
    • Nainital
  • Rajasthan
    • Bikaner
    • Alwar
    • Bhilwara
    • Sikar
  • Uttar Pradesh
    • Lucknow South
    • Kanpur South
    • Allahabad
    • Meerut
  • Punjab
    • Patiala
    • Pathankot
    • Bhatinda
    • Jalandhar

Southern India

  • Karnataka
    • Tumkur
    • Coorg
    • Hassan
    • Udupi
    • Bellary
  • Andhra Pradesh
    • Amaravati
    • Anantapur
    • Chittoor
    • Prakasham
  • Kerala
    • Wayanad
    • Kasaragod
    • Kannur
    • Alappuzha
  • Tamil Nadu
    • Nilgiris
    • Dharmapuri
    • Dindigul

Western & Central India

  • Maharashtra
    • Solapur
    • Gonidia
    • Amaravati
    • Akola
  • Madhya Pradesh
    • Jabalpur
    • Gwalior
  • Gujarat
    • Morbi
    • Gandhinagar
    • Mehsana

Eastern India

  • West Bengal
    • Durgapur
    • Assansol
    • Kharagpur
    • Bardhhaman
  • Odisha
    • Rourkela
    • Berhampur
    • Balasore
  • Jharkhand
    • Jamshedpur
    • Dhanbad
    • Bokaro
  • Bihar
    • Patna
    • Muzaffarpur
    • Darbhanga

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