BNI Franchise

BNI was established in 1985 and began franchising in 1996. Since it’s launch in November 2004,  the BNI India franchise has established itself in 47 cities and has shown year-on-year growth in subscriptions.

This means two things; firstly, BNI has a proven track record as a franchise model and secondly, it is a business model able to grow in any economic environment.

Why The BNI Franchise Is Different

100% success rate – every single person who had bought a similar business in the past had recouped their investment.

An opportunity to get out, meet people, help them grow their businesses and impress them.

Minimal ongoing costs, with no need for expensive premises, large staff, advertising or stock.

Cash generative, where customers pay you upfront, rather than on credit.

A business that earns you money, while you are not working, allowing you to spend more time with your family.

New access to an international network of people ready, willing and able to help you.

Proven procedures, which you can follow to the letter, and that you will know will definitely work.

Franchises are often either low cost/high risk or are high cost/low risk.  Low cost/high risk franchises have a low capital investment but the product is unproven or the franchise is new. With high cost/low risk franchises the opposite is true; they have a requirement for a large capital investment but the product is proven. Many of the well-known fast-food chains fit into this category.

BNI offers a low cost/low risk proposition – in essence, the best of both worlds.  As a BNI franchisee you can “try before you buy”.  This means you can spend up to 18 months running the franchise, during which time you are creating revenue for yourself before committing to buy the franchise. This requires a small investment of less than 20% of the total franchise fee. You will therefore have time to see how the business works, its potential and if it is right for you.

What our Franchisees have to say about BNI

Atul Joglekar
BNI Pune East, Executive Director

My journey in BNI had been absolutely amazing and its like a fairy tale. My partner Bharat Daga and myself became regional directors in February 14 and then the Executive Directors (franchise owners) in May 2014. Since then we had growth in membership of over 700 members. BNI is a fantastic business module if done the right way. In the last three years, BNI has become my primary occupation and more than 90% time investment is into BNI. To help more members make more money is our focus and the vision is to create 50000 job opportunities in Pune by generating revenue of 1.00 Cr for each of our 2,500 members by 2020.

The philosophy of BNI – Givers Gain – is lived every single day.


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Top Franchise Regions Available

  • Andhra Pradesh
    • Guntur
    • Kurnool
    • Nellore
  • Assam
    • Guwahati
  • Bihar
    • Darbanga
    • Patna
  • Gujarat
    • Bhavnagar
    • Rajkot
  • Haryana
    • Faridabad
  • Jammu and Kashmir
    • Jammu
  • Jharkhand
    • Dhanbad
    • Jamshedpur
  • Karnataka
    • Belgaum
    • Mangalore
  • Kerala
    • Kozhikode
    • Thiruvananthapuram
  • Madhya Pradesh
    • Bhopal
  • Maharashtra
    • Aurangabad
  • Orissa
    • Bhubaneswar
  • Punjab
    • Amritsar
    • Jalandar
    • Ludhiana
  • Rajasthan
    • Ajmer
    • Jodhpur
    • Kota
    • Udaipur
  • Tamil Nadu
    • Madurai
  • Telangana
    • Warangal
  • Uttarakhand
    • Dehradun
  • Uttar Pradesh
    • Agra
    • Allahabad
    • Ghaziabad
    • Greater Noida
    • Kanpur
    • Meerut

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