Why Lying In Business Doesn’t Work!

Getting clients is hard but retaining them is even harder and that is what makes people lie at work. False blame games, avoiding communication, acting dumb or clueless in order to avoid responsibility are all ways that percolate lies and eventually chaos.

The irony is that the lie is told due to desperation to retain the client, but eventually, when the lie goes out of hand the client, too, slips out of your hands!

Being honest is tough no doubt because it makes you vulnerable, but its any day better to be honest than to lose face with a lie. The reputation of your company is at stake, and sometimes your client might just admire your honesty and give you a second chance.

Another justification you might give yourself while attempting a lie is ‘everyone does it’. Everyone doing it doesn’t make it right! And it also speaks volumes about the benchmark you are setting for yourself, your employees & your company.

Mediocrity & Pinocchio’s nose will not take you far.

You set a bad example for your colleagues and your subordinates. The ethical spirit which forms the foundation of many companies falters, thus compromising the company values & philosophy. Others in the company might follow you and threaten the prosperity of the company.

The business world is big no doubt but word travels far and fast! You don’t want to risk the hard work of the current employees and the founding fathers by lying and gaining a bad reputation in the market. With social media, at the forefront, your clients & the public will render you a corporate misfit and that can cost you your business.

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