Tips To Make Your Goals A Reality

Finding it hard to stick to your goals? Here are some tips that will make it easy:

  1. Have focussed & specific goals -they will keep you more motivated & inspired. For eg, a goal; like ‘i want to make 15% more revenue by the end of this year’ rather than ‘i want to make more money’ will help channelise your efforts in a more definite direction. Goals will also be more accessible if they are broken into more concrete & precise objectives.
  2. With changing technology, government decisions & markets, your set goals may need to change too. Don’t set your goals in stone and be ready to be flexible, else you will lose more than you gain.
  3. Spend some time daydreaming about your goals. It will keep you constantly inspired & engaged with your goal and you will explore different perspectives.
  4. Learn to take a break and give breathing space to your mind. An overworked & tired mind will not give the best results. Like every machine, your brain too needs some lubrication in the form of a short trip, an outing or even a sport or game.
  5. Never stop the process of learning. Be it workshops, lectures or seminars attend them, listen to & meet people-their success & failure stories will enlighten your journey. Keep reading & attending meets where you can share your questions, answers by senior mentors or business coaches will help your learning curve.
  6. Develop good habits and give up the old and unworthy ones. For eg, if your goal is to be able to complete all your work you set on doing on a daily basis, you have to develop habits which will help you be more organised, for eg keeping your desk tidy or avoiding distraction from phones or colleagues.
  7. Learn to have some fun along the way. Friends family & colleagues provide a good support system, make time for them. A good work-life balance is imperative for the achievement of your goals. Fun will keep you motivated & inspired and your goals will not feel like a burden.

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