How To Get Trending On Instagram

With social media bustling with new posts, images & videos, it is hard to get noticed.

Below are a few tips that will help your posts to trend on Instagram.

  • Get Creative With Your Hashtags-Your hashtags work like the Pied Piper; who lures others to your posts. The hashtags will optimise the reach of people to your content. Branded hashtags have been the most effective & powerful, but they don’t always have to carry your company name, you can try & and get creative with your hashtags. But make sure they link people to the brand story you are trying to tell through your post.
  • Much More Than Likes-Post saturation on Instagram can make engagement very tough and so you should go beyond likes & followers. Comments, ad clicks & shares will help in generating massive engagement. Achieving organic traffic will need you to be different than your competitors. Posting videos, using the Story Application, tagging locations in the post will all help. The time you post too is important; research shows most Instagram users engage on weekdays more than on weekends.
  • 3*5 Hashtag Method: Search for 3-5 hashtags which have created great engagement but are not as popular as the very common ones. Of course, these 3-5 hashtags you pick must lend to the story or brand you are talking about in your post. Be specific, purposive & genuine when choosing these 3-5 hashtags.

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