Publishing Positivity, Powering Lives!

With news flooded with tragic & hopeless stories, with work taking up your life & with never ending family duties, being low comes easy. Why not use social media to make up for the widespread negativity of traditional media ? Let’s think, talk & do positive!

All people everywhere, everytime, need inspiration. Anything from quotes from great achievers, videos of common people doing good, positivity blogs & stories of individuals who are working day in & day out  to make a change in the world.

Positivity infuses people with added energy, gives them hope when they are at their worst & motivates them to keep going no matter what.

Make this a daily habit. Either share a blog, quote or article or better still, why not write something from your own personal experience. Personal experiences are much more identifiable, especially when people reading your post are close to you.

Positivity breaks myths like ‘people who are born rich can do anything and i cannot’ or ‘i just don’t have the time’ or anything which gets people complacent. It is very easy to sulk, get complacent or crib; it is difficult to get up, work hard with grit & determination against all odds. And this difficulty is made easy with inspiring stories & positive people & their lives.

Positivity just like negativity is contagious but negativity travels faster. Join the positive bandwagon and douse the threatening fire of negativity with your posts. Post to transform lives!

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