Invest 2018 In You!

Looking to invest? You might be surprised with this advice – this new year invest in yourself! Bitcoin or real estate can wait. Make this new year about you.

Be it personal or business growth, investing in yourself is always overlooked. Why not make this your new year resolution?

Invest in personal growth-

  • Read more: Apart from knowledge building, reading will open your mind to some fresh ideas & perspectives. Tackle yourself with something different & analyse your work till now. Books open many doors of possibilities.
  • Maintain a journal: In today’s digital world, journal logging has lost its significance. Explore this beautiful habit, which gives you a chance to revisit each day of your life and learn from it. As you pen down each event or memory, your pursuit becomes stronger.
  • Spend time with your mentors: They will share insightful tidbits about what helped them and, eventually, their business. This time you spend with them will give you a glimpse into their realities, successes & failures.

Invest in business growth-

  • Networking: Make time for at least two or three conferences in the new year. They provide the best opportunities for networking & brainstorming. Go back with a bunch of contacts & ideas.
  • Update yourself with latest trends: Squeeze in some time for research & personal training. Be it online or offline, training courses are great skill boosters!
  • Journal logging: Apart from making entries, revisiting those entries is important. All the observations you enter in your journal need to be re-explored. It will help you filter the important from the unimportant.

If you haven’t set a new year resolution as yet, here is a suggestion.

Invest In Yourself. Find yourself this year!

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