Healthy & Sustainable Success Is Enjoyable Success

Success is often the index for a meaningful life and sometimes we attach so much significance to success that we do things which could be harmful to us or others.The success tainted by harm or maligned with someone’s destruction is not worth any celebration.

Let us look at how the approach to success can determine the health & sustainability factors of our success:

Honest approach: Don’t get so caught up with success that you become dishonest to others & yourself. Honesty brings peace of mind and will always help you in the long run. An honest approach might make it harder to achieve and could take you longer to reach where you want to, but once you succeed, it will be pure success – not tainted with dishonesty.

Gratitude: Don’t forget the ones who helped you make it to the top. Each step on the success ladder is important and is part of your success. Don’t forget or ignore those you helped you with the climb because if you ever descend you will be meeting them again.

Be accountable for your actions. Accountability drives responsibility and success is not far when you embrace both. Accountability makes you reliable, people will want to believe & trust you. Once you gain their trust, success is not far. And, whether you succeed or not, you have gained one thing-trust & relationships.

Don’t shy away from challenges. They make your success more worthy of celebration. They push your limits and also help you discover your strengths & weaknesses. They make the journey more adventurous and enjoyable than it would be if you were just stuck in your comfort zone. If you trust yourself you will always win over challenges and enjoy genuine success.

Don’t let the outcome control you. Learn to enjoy and invest yourself in the process. If the process is followed well, the outcome will be a success. Once you make the outcome greater than the process, then you will make abundant compromises. Compromises on principles, ethics, desires, dreams, people’s feelings etc. these compromises might give you success but not the success you desired!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn to take whatever you get and strive harder in the future. Don’t shun mediocrity and at the same time don’t get too complacent. This drive which pushes you for more is it just an ego boost or backed by genuine purpose? Find out what drives you to achieve high results and as long it doesn’t stop you or anybody else from leading a happy & fulfilling life, go ahead!

Don’t let your ego get the better of you. Don’t let success be just about you. You are never alone in success. And so, be willing to consider other opinions & ideas, be open to changes to suit others’ purposes too. When you just force your success journey onto others’ lives, the success you derive is neither healthy nor sustainable.

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