Top 5 Productivity Hacks For Every Entrepreneur

  1. Don’t start your day with emails: Your desperation to check & respond to emails fuels the habit of those who expect you to do so at the start of your day. There is much more to the morning than responding to emails. Take time out for yourself. Exercise, read or cook breakfast instead of depending on outside food.
  2. Don’t forget to exercise. Our contemporary lifestyles thanks to innovation & technology are driven by machines. We have no physical household chore left, so our bodies need to stretch. Take time out during the day even 30 mins for a start is fine. Jog, walk, run, yoga, swim, cycling -any activity which gives your a body a break from the sedentary lifestyle we lead.
  3. Your brain needs oxygen to revitalise & continue with the day’s work. And breath is the best & purest oxidising agent. Don’t take breathing for granted. It energises like no other energy drink. Make a conscious effort to breathe deep & breath well. You will always be infused with energy.
  4. Don’t waste your time doing other tasks. If people around you are in the habit of burdening you with their work, simply tell them to put it down in writing. A mail is an attempt to formalise their unreasonable requests, and they will definitely not want to do that. Keep such lazy & cunning people away and focus on what you have to do. You won’t be burdened and productivity will be a given.
  5. Don’t multitask but combine tasks which don’t obstruct each other. Multitasking doesn’t allow focus of energy on any of the tasks equally, which is not advisable. But combining two tasks which don’t pose obstacles to each other will help. For eg, a phone meeting while walking, stretching while watching tv etc.

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