What You Need To Do When You Fear To Be You

There are very few people who live their life on their own terms. There is always someone or something influencing your choices or decisions, steering you away from what you want to do. It could be family, friends, money, your boss, the market, the government, even the weather may be! But more than any of these, it is us. We fear our thoughts & actions. If we give into this fear we have nothing to gain & everything to lose.

Stop worrying about other people’s opinions. If you believe in what you think, stick with it. Trust yourself & your actions and stand by them with conviction.

Make your own mistakes. It is ok if your decision or action did not give you the desired result; at least you took the chance and went for it. What if your action produced the result you wanted and even more! Imagine your fulfillment & happiness! Think about you succumbing to your fear and never having discovered something you wanted to. You would be losing so much!

You will never be able to lead a fulfilling life to your fullest potential if you give into this fear.

Don’t let them control your life. Think about how you would miss living the wonder, that is life, if you are constantly stopped by other people’s thoughts or opinions.

Think on the bright side. What if these people who you think are doubting you are actually keen on your idea and see potential in you? What if they believe in you more than you think they do? So let us move away from negativity and take these positive hypothetical scenarios into our stride & get on with our life the way we want to.

Embrace the unknown. You know your strengths & your weaknesses better than anyone else. If you are scared of something but want to fight that fear then go ahead. People might tell you doing something like that is not safe, but don’t stop. Go ahead and fight that fear the way you want to!  Scared of heights -want to fight it with a bungee jump-go ahead!

Finally, Death is the biggest motivator! You have ONE life! Don’t let your fear ruin it, live it! Life is short, seize every opportunity!

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