The Reading Habit

Reading is a habit which changes you as a person immensely. Books are windows to not just knowledge but yourself too. They create a world which opens up so many possibilities, perspectives, an imagination which will help you understand or face reality better with better and innovative ideas.

Don’t shy away from reading the same book again & again: “A book is a gift you can open again & again”-Garrison Keillor.

The first time you read a book, you can do it for pleasure, but in case you really want to develop a relationship with the book, don’t just stop after the first time.

Go back and revisit the book again, note down your favourite lines or quotes from the book, use a highlighter to underscore certain tips or suggestions given by the author, give yourself time to re-read certain things which interest you and understand them fully-so much so that it gets etched in your mind.

Many people, though curious or inquisitive to know more, run away from reading and opt for more visual mediums like Tv or movies etc. Books and the time one needs to give for a book can get overwhelming for people who are not habituated to reading. Even the fear of it not being engaging might keep people away from books. There are ways in which you can make reading an engaging or lively experience.

  • Listen to music while you read
  • Find an environment which will help you read, it could be a particular corner of your house or a cafe or a library/reading room
  • Eat a healthy snack to keep you fresh & energetic
  • Get your mind into the right reading environment- keep phones or anything that distracts you away from you

Make time to review your notes. Go back again to the points you noted down each time you read the book. Revisit the book through your notes, these notes can again open your mind to more thoughts or ideas.

Reading is a great habit, it gives you the confidence to think & pursue new ideas and your imagination & confront your challenges.

“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves too”-Anonymous.

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