Just Do It

Nike hit the nail on the head with the tagline, ‘Just Do It’. These 3 words spell out the secret not just for sports but for life. Many of us have low points in our life and that is when we begin questioning the choices we make or the decisions we take, our circumstances, opinions, et al. While this existential intervention is natural, it must not stop you from going on.

We all know success does not happen overnight and with that in mind, we must not go astray when we encounter failures. Here are some tips to make this tagline a catalyst for your success:

  1. Don’t doubt yourself and believe in your vision-if you doubt it no one will believe it
  2. Thinking & analyzing won’t work, you have to extend that thinking to doing-make the jump from thought to act
  3. No shortcuts to success-don’t try to cheat or jump protocol-if you lose credibility you lose everything
  4. Be patient and perseverant -Big things take time!
  5. Don’t be afraid to take risks-it is natural to lose before you gain-risk taking needs courage and they turn out to be great lessons
  6. Don’t let anyone else put you down, no one knows your dream better than you-so just power through!
  7. Biggest success stories are made with honesty, earnest learning & humility-never be afraid to learn anything new-knowledge building will create unique value
  8. Never stop-always keep doing -the doing will tell you what works and what doesn’t
  9. Being motivated throughout this tough journey-figure out how this ‘doing’ will help you, why you want to do this ‘doing’, what about the ‘doing’ do you like -these thoughts will help chart out your journey with this ‘doing’ and will motivate you to continue the ‘doing’
  10. Keep Doing the ‘DOING’

So all you need to do is to do what you got to do!

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