Don’t Let Another ‘Ping’ Sting You At Work

Another ping, another ping, yet another, one more for the road..and that is how your day starts & ends. We created technology and today technology controls us. Work environments have become creative & dynamic spaces which encourage imaginative & innovative thinking. But yet, something always comes in the way-”PING!!!”

To increase your focus levels, avoid instant gratification or reaction to messages or emails,  which you know don’t need your immediate attention.

Start the early working hours in a sweet spot. Find a quiet spot in your office, be it your lobby, a terrace, an empty conference hall. This quiet will give you a focussed beginning. Get the most difficult work done during these quiet & peaceful mornings.

Avoid looking at your phones. You don’t have to react to every message or notification. Phones are such that the minute you look at them you can’t take your eyes off them. So many apps, so much social media and so many videos flying the across digital cloud by the second. Reacting to all is not really feasible and will shorten your work time without you even realizing.

You can also divide your time, thereby making time for work & for communication. After you have finished most of the difficult & time-consuming work during the first half of your morning(which is the freshest time of the day), you can dedicate some time for your messages, approximately around 11-11 30 am. This will keep you satisfied till finish the next bit of your work.

Technology has made a smaller & easier world, but once we become slaves to them, we start building our own small world or, more so a bubble, which will not, in any way, nurture our dreams or goals.

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