Credibility Needs To be Earned not Grabbed

Gaining credibility takes time, but losing it can happen in a flash. We need to be cautious when we talk to people or make any gesture. Here are some tips, quite basic but can come in handy especially when our work requires to deal with people a lot.

Never Lie: Honesty is a universal symbol of goodness and is admired by everyone, everywhere. It builds strong and long-lasting relationships. Stand by your promises, don’t exaggerate about your capabilities. Tell them what you can do and that you are willing to learn what you can’t. Dishonesty will give you quick but short wins.  Every relationship grows on trust and that takes time to establish. But once you do that, you can always expect support during your ups and, most importantly, downs.

Tall Claims Make A Short Gesture: Bragging about yourself and boasting about what you can do are definitely wrong signals to send. Let your work talk. The most successful people don’t need to do anything except enter a room full of people, who are just awestruck. Their work speaks. Tall claims can get you into a ‘cat caught your tongue’ situation, when you cannot stand by the false promises you made.

Don’t Make Everything About You: Avoid the me-me-me talk. Engage with people by adding to the conversation with your views, with subtle or implied arguments or with something new you have to share which will add an interesting dimension to the conversation. And this something new doesn’t have to be about you. When you are truly an engaging listener & sharer, people will ask you about you; rather than you making a desperate attempt to be the center of attention.

Think Big Talk Small: Being visionary is good no doubt, but talking about it won’t help. Work on it and make it a reality. Dreams and goals are personal, people don’t want to know what they are but they sure want to know how you fulfilled them. Work quietly and achieve what you set to achieve and you will be remembered for a long time to come.

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