Wake Up In the Morning to Feel Simply Happy!

Many studies have highlighted the significance of waking up early in the morning and what is does to our body. It reduces stress levels, infuses your body & your mind with positive energy and improves your sleep quality. Apart from all the physiological advantages, waking up early gives you time for yourself.

Running behind your dreams can be quite wearing out; especially when you are running out of time for yourself!  Frustration, stress, tensions, sleepless nights, a nervous breakdown -the works! At such times your dream starts to become a burden.

Start giving yourself priority and your dreams will cease to become a task and a reason for celebration. One of the ways you can do that is by starting your day early. Many entrepreneurs indulge in physical exercise, yoga or even meditation.  An early & peaceful morning which is spent on mental & physical fitness sets the tone for the rest of the day.

There is an undeniable rejuvenation of the mind & the body which helps you stay focussed, reduces lethargy, keeps your body energetic throughout the day irrespective of the amount of work you do.

If you see, these first few hours of the day reflect the rest of the day. Take time out from your hectic schedule and let your body soak in some early morning rays.

“Make every day a great day by starting the day on your own terms and doing something for yourself and your dreams before you do anything else!” – Joe Duncan, Founder of Before5am

Joe Duncan believes that success is not experienced by many people because they don’t take time off work and make time to de-stress. This morning time-out concept not only induces the need for fitness & rejuvenation but also, is the best time to think about your work, your dreams and how you want to make it happen. During the day we are so focused on the destination, we fail to think about the journey.  

Most importantly, you break away from a tedious routine & stressful decisions and just take in a breath of fresh morning air. You will feel simply happy! Try it to believe it.

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