There Is More To Success Than Just Hard Work

In school and at home we have always been taught one golden rule-’Success is achieved by hard work’, ‘there are no shortcuts to success’ and many such anecdotes to drive into our growing brains the role of hard work in the success cycle. While it is true, one must also consider how success is measured? In our world, at least according to the mainstream definition of success, success=more money. But not everyone knows how to make this equation a reality for them, even though they are hard & smart workers.

So is it just hard work?

Studies show that success and, comes easily to people who not only work but look great too. The ‘inner beauty’ pitch doesn’t always sell big.  The way you dress, your hairstyle, even your accessories like your wallet or purse tells people how serious you are about climbing the social ladder. Most entrepreneurs come from humble backgrounds, which generally drives them to strive for a better future, economically & socially. They look forward to a comfortable living that comprises a big car, big house, international travel & exotic, rich experiences. For all this one needs to increase one’s income. And, an appropriate & well-groomed physical appearances can take you places!

Personal interaction with money is another concept alien to many business owners. They must understand that now that they are prepping up for upward social mobility, they are no more slaves to money, in fact, it is vice-versa. Stop letting money control your lives, you are way past that phase. Interact with your money in a way which could help you pursue the life that you have always dreamt of. Don’t let anything take that away from you. Right from spending on a new wallet to your home decor, you have to use your existing financial credentials to up your game in the money market. Attract people to you and your business by building on not only your physical appearance but also your confidence.

Attractiveness is not exclusive to some, and don’t let people make you believe the same. You can work on your appearance, which will boost your confidence more. You just need direction and tips like these can help. Even picking up etiquettes like dining in a plush restaurant, the ways of sitting & standing or even walking, hosting guests at home or at work-these may look insignificant in the bigger picture, but all said & done these small things make a big difference.

Apart from working on your work, spare some time to work on yourself and enjoy the process. You will not only grow to become attractive physically but also, elude charm & panache in the smallest of actions. Like entering a room full of people!

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