Better Humans, Better Relationships, Better Businesses

Building relationships for one’s business is a much talked about subject. Especially, when we are surrounded by social media and all kinds of gadgets which have taken communication to another level, we expect the process of relationship building to be easy. But having platforms is one, using them effectively is another.

Relationships are not forged overnight. Regular communication will keep both parties aware of each other. When parties invest time & energy in keeping in touch, they get to know more about each other, sometimes even personally. Both of them understand each other’s temperament, attitudes and even habits. This personal know-how will help make professional dealings more smooth. Both their wavelengths will match easily.

Communicate frequently and on the right platforms. Make sure your client or your customer uses that particular platform as frequently as you do. Social media is bombarded with various networks, make sure you and the other party follow the same network.

Not all businessmen or businesswomen are selfish. You certainly cannot afford to be if you want to build relationships that will facilitate your business in any way. Make sure you do your best to be of some help. This help may not even be business related, you will definitely strike a chord with them. They will know that your business is the only thing you value, there is humanity too. This gratification will go a long way and they will move mountains for you, just like you did when you need their help-professionally or personally.

Serve your clients & customers, without any intention to sell, and the selling will happen. Take time to give feedback, answer queries, inspire through quotes, educate & share new happenings, which, sometimes, may have nothing to do with your brand. Such things will help build a bond with current & prospective clients. Your relationship will get them to interact with you and your brand. Share good and bad news with them, make them one of your own, rather than just supporters or promoters of your business.

Relationships take years to build and few seconds to break. Human beings are complex and sometimes volatile beings; misunderstandings and ego-driven conflicts are second nature to us. But so is mutual respect, willingness to help & kindness. We need to channelise all our energy and effort into the latter nature and make place for better humans and better business.

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