How to Deal with the Devil’s Advocate

When you believe in what you are doing or intend to do, make sure your doubters don’t get the better of you. When they tell you ‘you can’t’, instead of giving in, you have to maneuver this negative energy into positive spirit. As much you may detest the doubter’s voice, you will need a voice like that just to drive you and strengthen your conviction in your action/decision. There are ways which will help you use the doubter’s voice to your benefit:

Embrace their Suggestions or Advice: The people who doubt are generally the ones who love you the most. They speak from their experiences or personal limitations (not realising that you may be different and have such limitations), and all you need to do is avoid getting defensive and lend them your ear. But makes sure their doubt doesn’t feed on you and become self-doubt. The good factor here is that they want you to succeed and by pushing towards your goals and explaining them your demeanour, they will not be only be convinced about your abilities but will rethink theirs. Your confidence will rejuvenate them to think about what stopped them to pursue their goals in the past.

Don’t Take It Personally: As long as you don’t allow their doubts or criticism to drain you and create inhibitions, you will be just fine. In fact, this is your chance to prove them wrong and go full throttle and attain your goals. Their criticism or doubt will fuel your energy & passion even more as long as you take it personally.

Win Over Your Doubters & Make Them Your Allies: Apart from those who are the closest to you and care for you, doubters also comprise people who you have had differences with. They will be waiting to put you down and get others against you too, but you can forge a strong relationship with them, wrapped with conviction and trust, which will not only win this argument of doubt but also, win their sentiment too. Being doubters they already have a voice, the only difference now will be they will use it in your favour.

There are strong personalities who don’t even require any external stimulus or drive to accomplish what they set out to accomplish, but they too use their doubters as catalysts instead of obstacles! Believing in yourself will not prove your devil’s advocate wrong but get them to be strong crusaders of you.

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