5 ways to harness the power of email marketing for your business

Email marketing has been around for awhile now. Many businesses however, have not gotten around to using it’s full potential. With the right attention email marketing can offer a good bang for it’s buck given it’s cost effectiveness and targeting potential. Here are 5 ways to use email marketing to increase your sales.

Design your strategy

You need to develop an email marketing plan that will complement your overall business marketing strategy. Emails will allow you to target your audience in a very customized manner within the range of your general marketing objectives, giving you a better reach and return on investment.

Personalize the content

The best thing about email marketing is that you can create highly individualized content that will connect best with all sets of your current and intended consumers. It allows you to target them specifically in ways that will be sure to interest them. So make full use of the opportunity by developing a in-depth understanding of your customer base.


Emails are one of the few options where a customer actively chooses to get any communication from you. As such it means that most of them are already positively inclined to you. Hence it is easier to target their wants and needs and encourage conversions.

Know their email habits

You need to know if most of your customers check their email on a computer or, as is increasingly the case, see it on their phones. This will help you to optimize your emails for the medium. Not doing so can make it difficult to access and research shows that it has a higher possibility of being deleted without reading.

Provide Value

Keep in touch on a regular basis. Don’t hard sell yourself in every mail. Try and explore ways in which you can provide value to the people receiving your emails. They should look forward to them, not perceive them as a nuisance.

Use the tools available to track the audience response to your emails. Check the times, content and frequency that gets maximum engagement and streamline the process accordingly.

Have you used any of these strategies? Write in with your experiences.

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