How to use positivity for business success

That a positive approach is very good for your health and life is generally quite well known and widely accepted now. But can one harness the power of positivity for success in business? Kim Cameron, professor of Management and Organisations at the University of Michigan believes so. He has written numerous books and journal articles on the benefits of positive psychology in the workplace, and also conducts workshops on Positive Organizational Development.  

The following are his recommendations and advice for application.

  1. Maintain a Gratitude Journal.

Keep a journal in which you note down 3 good things every day, or write a letter of gratitude to someone about how you appreciate their work and support. Research shows that this improves wellbeing through development of a sense of appreciation and also boosts the morale of the one you show gratitude to, encouraging them to do better.

Show gratitude and encourage employees to do the same. Designate a wall where leaders or staff can pin anything they feel grateful for. Celebrate successes as a team effort.

  1. Contribute to other’s Happiness.

Spreading happiness is a sure way to increase our own happiness. Companies can use rewards which actively include benefiting others to gain a two-fold benefit. A happy employee is a productive employee.

  1. Use a Strengths-based Organizational Behaviour.

Instead of focussing on problems or performance shortfalls as a completely personal failure, see if it is a process failure. Practice open and honest communication and foster trust, integrity and forgiveness. This can have a direct impact on performance, staff engagement and turnover.

Rather than only looking for what went wrong, look for what went right and do more of that. Encourage staff to help co-workers to develop their strength-portraits and think about how to use their strengths more. Put in place a feedback system which enumerates not just their good qualities but also where and how they shone.

A positive attitude translates into confident, motivated and happy employees. And ultimately motivated employees are the backbone of a company’s success. So harness the power of positivity to propel your business to success.

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