5 personality development tools to help you create the life you want

Our lives today are immersed in technology and apps. A lot of times, these developments receive a lot of flak for having made things worse and turned us into zombies. But it’s not such a bleak scenario out there. Today let’s check out 5 tools that can help you turn your life around and create possibilities for a better you in a better tomorrow.

  1. TED talks.

TED offers a huge collection of talks on various topics available to be viewed online for free, under the slogan “Ideas worth spreading”. These short motivational talks address a number of topics and issues from science to business to social issues. You can even find curated playlists for various themes, anything from inspirational ‘what should I do with my life’ to practical ‘How to  run a company like a visionary’.   

  1.  Mindbloom

Mindbloom is a game which helps you tune into your personal motivations, and note and track your goals and passions. In the co-founder of Mindbloom, Chris Hewett’s own words, the idea is to help you grow the life you want by thinking about it for a few minutes everyday. You visualize your life as a tree, add your priorities and goals in different aspects like health, career, family etc as parts of the tree and then try to keep it green and healthy. It encourages you to follow things in the real world by giving rewards for offline actions.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform. It provides a platform where experts can create courses in various subjects and people can take these courses for a fee or sometimes even for free. While these courses might not count for college degree, they are more aimed at upgrading your job related skills. With more than 45000 courses to choose from, any subject you want to learn about, more than likely you will find it here.

  1. 43 Things

43 Things is a social networking site for an online goal setting community. You can list your goals and connect with others who have the same goal. You can collectively encourage and cheer people on to achieving those goals while achieving your own in the process.

  1. Vision Board Deluxe

The Vision Board App is a tool to ‘Visualize your Dreams into Reality’. You create a visual representation using photos or graphics of all the things you want to do, places you want to visit, things important to you. It’s like a ready reckoner of all that you wish to achieve. Having it in front of your eyes is supposed to remind you of your goals at all times and make it easier to turn your wishes into reality.

Do you use any of these? How has it helped make your life better?

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Take empathy, for example. The test screens for “a combination of traits that can help you see how well a person reads a room,” Gorrell explains. “Are they flexible or rigid? That’s extremely insightful when hiring someone who has to be responsive to customers or change in an organization.”

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