5 ways to get the most out of an introduction



People form first impressions at the time of introduction; and we know that first impressions set the tone for your relationships and can be pretty hard to reverse. We judge and are judged in turn as we meet someone for the first time. Is someone genuine, can they be trusted, would we like to work with them – a lot gets decided in that initial evaluation. So what can be done to make those introductions count?

Be Confident

Confidence is a very attractive quality. It generates trust and makes others respond positively to you. Being confident will reflect in your body language and overall demeanor and encourage the other person to engage with you.

Introduce yourself and your work

Prepare a short introduction that succinctly shares important details about you, what you do and what you want to do. Make sure you don’t ramble and offer unnecessary details about your life. It is best to work a little on this beforehand and have a few options ready that can be used in different situations with different people. Include a reference to your area of expertise but make sure you are not boasting or making tall claims.

Look for something in common

Starting from a common point or shared experience will put you and the other person on the same team and give you something to build on. It will form a personal connection that will make you easier to remember at a later stage.

Listen before you talk

It helps to listen more than you talk. This does not mean not sharing your opinions or thoughts, but being interested in what the other person is saying. Let the other person talk so that you can gauge their thoughts and interests. Build a conversation that will hold their interest and make it memorable.  

Be yourself

Be true to yourself. An introduction is the first step to building a relationship. People always respond more to people who are honest and genuine rather than someone who appears to be desperate and overselling his or herself.

Now that you have the basics of what is needed, be ready to put your best foot forward and make sure you are getting the most of your introduction.

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