6 Daily Habits of Gratitude that will Bring Joy to Your Life


At the end of a hard working day, if we are grateful for all the good things around us, we can feel true joy and contentment. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions one can exhibit in their lives.

Here are some small habits of gratitude that can bring you lost of joy and also can be implemented in your daily life:

Compliment at least 2 people every day

Complementing somebody is one of the easiest things to do. It could be a very simple – “Hi, you look beautiful today“ to “You have done a good job today”. Complementing someone not only brings them joy but it also gives you the satisfaction to have done something nice.

Gratitude is not about giving big things but it’s all about the small things that you can do for people, complementing them being one of the very small but essential ones. If you have a regular routine wherein you say something nice to someone, you will feel much happier at the end of your day.

Charity begins at home – appreciate yourself

The most important fact that one at times forgets is that you should learn to appreciate yourself. On a daily basis, note down one quality of yourself that you admire, it could be something very small like ‘I try to smile at everyone and greet them every day’ to something big like ‘I am trying to work towards a cause and trying to become better every day’ but make sure you write down something.

This will keep you company when no one else does. Knowing that you have certain qualities that are liked by people will give you a sense of joy and pleasure.

Keep a Gratitude Journal for yourself

A gratitude journal is a kind of diary where you write about things that you are grateful for. It could be a small event, someone you are close to, your boss or even a stranger who helped you out when you were in trouble.

If you feel like you are uncomfortable thanking anyone, write it in your gratitude journal. Write a few lines of appreciation for the ones you are thankful for. This will boost your energy and help you stay content.

Appreciate even the smallest things

Life is truly made up of the small things and those small moments that we sometimes forget to cherish. It’s the small events like getting something good to eat for yourself, getting to watch something good on TV, getting an unexpected day off from your boss etc. Though these are very small things, when we look at the bigger picture, these events give us more happiness than the actual big events we talk about.

Hence, cherish your small moments and store their joy in your heart.

Silent gratitude comes from the heart

Gratitude is not something that should be done to earn favors or earn fame. Silent gratitude comes truly from one’s heart and is one of the purest forms of giving. Whether you donate to charity or do volunteering work for an NGO, you don’t need to let everyone know that you are performing some act of gratitude.

Let your gratitude be known but only to the people who need it. Give, not because you want to become famous, but because you want to remain humble.

Be thankful to the people around you

Some of the most important people around us are the people who we deal with on a day to day basis. Our parents, close friends, close colleagues are who we interact with on a daily basis and these people definitely create some or the other important mark on our lives.

We should make sure that we are thankful to them and appreciate them to let them know that you are grateful for their involvement in your life.

Being thankful is a small act of kindness that not only makes you look bigger in front of people but it is also one of the easiest ways to stay self-satisfied and self-motivated.


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