Are You a Wantrapreneur?


Who is a Wantrapreneur?

A minimal description of a Wantrapreneur could be – the one who wants to be an Entrepreneur, but is focused on all the other things except entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship comprises of good ideas, effective leadership and making a robust plan to follow through with your idea.

Wantrapreneurs are focused on making Quick Money

Even if the Wantrapreneurs have a good idea, their lack of business understanding gets in their way of success. To be able to run a business, you should patiently wait for your idea to show fruits in the real market.

Some of the Wantrapreneurs stop working on their idea, thinking that it may not make them rich immediately. Even though money is a very strong driving force in a business, that should not be your only driving force to start a business.

Wantrapreneurs are Procrastinators

Wantrapreneurs try and procrastinate as much as possible with their idea. Even if they have a good business idea, they are just too lazy to put it into action.

Wantrapreneurs hesitate to take an action, and therefore lose on making any progress. Entrepreneurs make sure that daily progress is a way of their life, even if that involves solving some small issues everyday.

Wantrapreneurs are not Trend Setters

Wantrapreneurs are always trying to follow a given trend, instead of setting a new trend by themselves. They are afraid to go out there in the fear of failure. Even if they have a concrete plan, they aren’t confident that it will follow through.

On the other side, Entrepreneurs are always willing to take more risks whereas Wantrapreneurs are more closed towards taking risks.

Wantrapreneurs can become Entrepreneurs

A little perseverance and dedication is all that one needs, to convert from a Wantrapreneur to an Entrepreneur. They already have good ideas, and a business plan following the idea. They just need to stay more focused and remain passionate about what they want to do.

A little more commitment to your idea and your business will take you places. A simple idea can become a huge business, if you give it the right amount of time, planning and effort.

Remember, daily progress is what runs the day for an Entrepreneur. Like they say, an ocean is made, drop by drop.

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