How To Master Effective Client Communication


Communication plays an important in every facet of your life – especially if you are dealing with clients. Mastering client communication seemly incredibly simple but is deceptively hard. With these simple tips, you can actually become an expert at client communication.

The 4 C’s of Communication

The fast paced world of today means everything is instantaneous. News and information now travels faster than ever and if you don’t provide the data immediately, your potential clients will find it elsewhere. If you want to remain ahead of the curve then you must provide communication and information at the pace of the world. When working on your communication strategy, ensure that you follow the 4 C’s:

  1. Clarity
  2. Consistency
  3. Convenience
  4. Compelling

Put yourself in your client’s place and determine the kind of information you would expect from your company and what would convince you to choose the company in question.


Avoid complicating your content or using jargon. Your aim isn’t to flaunt your vocabulary but to offer a clear and simple mode of communication. Keep your communications short, simple, to the point and free of jargon. Most people looking for information do not care about the complexity of language but look for simplicity in presentation. Remember, keep it simple.


Every mode of communication you use should be consistent. If you run a periodic newsletter be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, ensure that you release it on time or around the same day every quarter or month. If you maintain an online blog or social media profile, ensure that you post content consistently. Even if you don’t post new content every day, ensure that you follow a schedule whether it’s bi-weekly, weekly or monthly. Don’t share less or more frequently as it can make you look inconsistent.


When planning content delivery, ensure that you think of the client first. How do they want to receive this information? Your mode of delivery determines both communication as well as accessibility. If you are not sure, ask your clients about how they wish to receive new information or updates from you. Do they prefer phone calls, emails, newsletters, social media updates etc? The more options you open up, the more accessible you become. Add a unique signature to all your communications to keep your clients interested and updated.


Every new piece of information you share with your client should compel them to take action. Small things like an interesting subject line and a compelling call-to action at the end of each communication can encourage your clients to take interest in your offerings. When you share information, determine whether or not you are adding value as well as actionable information as there is no use to offering data for nothing in return.

When you deal with clients directly, ensure that you put forth your best foot and ace in the manners department. Small habits like active listening, using clear cut questions, not interrupting, and empathizing with the client’s understanding in the field can help you get ahead. Communication is after all a two way street.

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