Networking and the Butterfly Effect


What is Butterfly Effect

The concept that small events can have large, widespread consequences is known as Butterfly Effect in popular culture. The name stems from MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz’s suggestion that a massive storm might have its roots in the faraway flapping of a tiny butterfly’s wings.

Popular Culture

In popular culture, the butterfly effect has become a metaphor for those moments which initially appear to have no apparent significance but later develop the potential to change the course of history and even shape destinies. They create threads of cause and effect that appear obvious when you think back about them. We have experienced this effect at some stage in our lives.

Dynamic networking

Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, while acknowledging the importance of knowing the right things to do while networking, also emphasizes how important it is to start thinking the right way to make our networking efforts successful and dynamic to the greatest extent possible. So what is required essentially is altering our mind-set to ensure networking success.

Changing mind-sets

So how does one go about changing one’s mind-set to ensure networking success?

  • Avoid ‘What’s in it for me?’ approach :  View networking as a means to create bonds based on trust and friendship, thus removing the ‘gain’ from the equation.


  • Cast your net wide: Look for groups that are different from your own. This will make your approach more dynamic and might pave the way for interesting and possibly, life-changing encounters with interesting personalities.


  • There are no shortcuts: There are no shortcuts in networking – it’s a long-term commitment. But when tended to lovingly, it will yield extraordinary results.

Positioning yourself

As Dr. Misner puts it, it is all about developing a networking-friendly mindset which positions you favorably for success – now and in future.  

It will increase your chances of experiencing a butterfly effect down the line. Dr. Misner met Richard Branson, which he credits to the butterfly effect of networking.


Thanks to Dr. Ivan Misner, whose blog ‘3 Tips for Putting the Butterfly Effect of Networking in motion’ is the source of this article.


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