How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World


A level playing field

World business has traditionally been dominated by an elite crowd through family-controlled enterprises. Some are also run with patronage and help from state and political class. However, the world has lately been seeing the emergence of a new breed of thought leaders and innovators who are not necessarily from privileged backgrounds. One does not actually need to be well connected or be born into a powerful business family to inherit the right to be a game changer.

Anyone with a great idea, limitless energy and a hunger to succeed can harness the power of technology and the limitless opportunities it provides for an individual to be truly innovative, to create great wealth and possibly a new and just world order.

Exponential technologies

Exponential technologies are enabling a new breed of innovators to create companies that are potentially worth billions of dollars. The time period required for creating such a company is getting shorter. In essence, technology is democratizing the power to change the world, allowing anyone to act on their brilliant idea and convert it into a winning product.

Exponential technology refers to any technological trend that has the potential to follow an exponential growth curve and has the ability to grow at a pace much faster than what Moore’s law observed in 1965 that the number of transistors that could be accommodated on a chip would double every 12 to 18 months. This meant growth followed a fairly predictable pattern as defined by the transistor example. But the recent  rate of growth has been much more rapid than what was originally predicted. So rapid that it is disrupting the established world order.

Opportunities in new fields

So where are the opportunities? 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, networks and sensors, and synthetic biology offer limitless possibilities in terms of what is achievable. Yesterday’s seemingly enormous challenges which had been thought of as tasks only fit for governments and major corporations with limitless resources at their disposal, are today fair game for driven and innovative individuals.


The key to one’s success in today’s networked world is dependent on how well one can leverage and use one’s social networking skills for brand promotion and product awareness campaigns.

However, the greatest hindrance to building enterprise has traditionally been the funds. Crowdfunding is a type of alternative form of finance to the traditional financial system but without the limitations imposed by the latter. If you have a winning idea, there are a large number of people of people who are willing to back you with work and funds.

The crowdfunding model is based on the concept of  3 entities. The person with a great idea who needs funds, individuals or groups (exponentially enabled individuals) who support the idea and willing to fund and work, and a moderating organization that coordinates the entire operation.

Impact the World

With a great idea and a source of funding to launch it, your chance of being successful has never been greater. You have been finally empowered to pursue the causes close to your heart. Helping and empowering others to realize their dreams and aspirations is but a natural step for you in your onward journey. You now have a chance to impact the world like you have always wanted to – on your own terms.


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