Become a Memorable Sphere of Influence Without Being Pushy


In-your-face approach

Are you someone who is considered influential in your sphere of activity, but you are none too pleased with your reputation of being a little too aggressive in your approach? In your heart, you probably suspect your in-your-face approach, may not be going down well with your customers and followers and in fact, rubbing a lot of them the wrong way. You may not be entirely wrong.

How it is received

You mean no harm but you may be treading on a few toes in your anxiety to strike a deal. People resent being told what they should be doing unless it is their doctor who is advising them. And when you cross that delicate line between being persuasive and being bossy, they start dragging their feet. They will refuse to fall in line or worse, they start avoiding you.

Striking when the iron is hot

Striking when the iron is hot is a sound strategy, provided the striker knows when the metal is suitably hot. Going for a knockout in a boxing match is highly recommended by boxing coaches and manuals. In our eagerness to close a deal, we often corner the customer and we fail to see the deadly left-handed uppercut coming. And well, let us skip the gory details.

Everybody does it

We are constantly trying to get people to do our bidding. We are always trying to make people change brand loyalties, to buy something they don’t need, to purchase an item earlier than they intend to. It could even be us trying to win an argument. And the list goes on. Pushy people are one of the most hated individuals as they are always telling others what to do.

How can you turn the corner

With a little more consideration for others and a little less for ourselves, all of us are capable of graduating to the exalted league of people known as influencers who have everyone, from their peers to journalists, eating out of their hands and latching onto every one of their spoken words. No more whispered exchanges or conversations that abruptly stop when you walk into a room.

Be persuasive not pushy

Here are some thoughts to gain access to the elite club of influencers.

  • Understand the brief: Identifying what others want accurately and supplying appropriate solutions is your very first and major step towards attaining the influencer stardom.
  • List pros & cons: People often want to know both the positives and negatives. People will come to trust your judgement if you can make a good job of it.
  • Go the visual route : Most people are visual learners and they cannot be convinced unless you can paint an accurate picture (not a rosy one) of  whatever you are trying to sell.
  • Others’ interests come first:  Or alternatively. your interests come last. When people see that it is all about THEM and not about YOU, they will start taking you very seriously.
  • Help people with their problems : Be a helper and not a seller. People will turn instinctively to a helper for advice, further strengthening your reputation as an influencer.

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