Essential Interpersonal Skills for Entrepreneurs


If you are an entrepreneur, it’s not enough to just be good at your job. You should also have a host of other skills that differentiate a leader from a follower and one of these skills is interpersonal. Here are some simple ways you can brush up your interpersonal skills.

  • Be sharp and act fast: Ranging from technical glitches, client communication and other business processes, you are bound to see a new challenge every day. This is why it is essential for you to think on your feet at all times. Be sharp, pick up on small problems and offer solutions immediately.
  • Be a good listener: Being a leader is all about caring for your team. Being an active listener can make your employees feel valued and encourage them to put in more effort through motivation and productivity.
  • Learn to empathise: Everyone loves a boss they can confide in. Encourage your employees to approach you in the event of any problem and put yourself in their position before you react. Understanding the situation and empathising with the other person can make you a better boss and a better human being. It is your job to show them you care.  
  • Make patience your strong suit: It is very important to remember that not everyone understands and processes different concepts in the same manner. Some take longer than others while some depend on different types of media to get their head around an idea. It is well worth taking a few extra minutes and being patient with your listeners. Ensure that you are patient, clear and concise in your ideas and that everyone is on the same page.   
  • Mind your body language: More than your words, your body language betrays your true personality and can mark the difference between a beloved boss and the boss that everyone avoids. Most people do not enjoy being around unhappy and unwelcoming people, traits that are immediately betrayed by your posture. Ensure that you stand tall, smile, make eye contact and send out positive vibes to those around you.
  • Add a sense of humour: spontaneously funny at the right moments can cut the tension and ease other people, which is very important. After all, they are all human and love to laugh. Make your workplace a positive and fun place to be instead of a boring all-business no-play affair. 
  • Be optimistic and open: Here’s the secret – positivity is contagious. When you walk around with a can-do attitude and have an open mind, you invite like-minded people. A healthy dose of optimism and open mindedness can immediately lift the spirits of those around you and help you find solutions that you thought didn’t exist.  
  • Practice makes perfect: The only way to perfect your interpersonal skills as an entrepreneur is to practice it every day. Whether you are extrovert excited to make new connections or an introvert working hard to get out of your shell, daily practice can do wonders.


When you are an entrepreneur, you lead by example. So if you want your team to follow in your footsteps, show them the way first.   


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