Givers Gain : Go That Extra Mile!


The Philosophy:

‘What goes around comes around’ is a notion that has been doing the rounds for years. It is a powerful idea that reinforces the belief that if you do good thing to others, then good things will happen to you in return. If you do bad, then you will be returned the favour.

The idea of being rewarded for a good deed and being penalized for a bad deed is an incentive to do good for good guys and a potential deterrent to bad guys. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ is another saying that reinforces the idea further.

Why should you give

Do you really believe that good is rewarded and bad is punished by some superior power that is at work behind-the-scenes? And that givers gain in some way by giving. Well, here are more attractive reasons for giving:

  • For our own happiness : Humans are social animals designed to help each other and helping others stimulates our brain into giving us what is known as a ‘helper’s high’.
  • For our health : We experience a ‘warm-glow’ inside of us whenever we do a good deed and were appreciated for our gesture. The glow enhances your self-esteem.
  • For the society : Being a part of a community means we have certain social responsibilities towards the less privileged. Giving gives you a chance to fulfill your obligations.
  • For our own satisfaction : Very often we experience a feeling of remorse and guilt for our over-indulgence. Giving provides an outlet to balance things out.
  • For setting an example : Giving sets a great example to future generations. ‘Others before self’ is a sentiment upon which great communities are built.
  • For being responsible citizens : Governments have finite resources. Giving is your way of showing solidarity with your fellow human beings.

Ideas for giving

“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.”― Jack London

The word charity has come to be associated with rich and famous people who raise money through mega fund raising events. Giving, on the other hand, has a much warmer feel to it. One can give anything, to anybody, and anytime.

Going that extra-mile with giving is about going beyond the notion of charity in the conventional sense. Giving can be in any form, shape and size. It could be an offer of monetary help or committing one’s time to help sort things out for others. You can also offer your time to a worthy cause, give away an extra-set of clothes or home appliance to the needy, provide expertise to build or repair things for others or use your knowledge to help with homework and exams.

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