Top 5 Public Speaking Tips


Spot light on and an audience of business people waits to listen to you. In that still moment all you can listen to is your heart pounding against your ribs. Can you relate to this? Yes, public speaking can cause high levels of anxiety for many people.

Today we’ll look at 5 important, yet very simple tips that’ll help you control those sweaty palms. Read on:

Prepare – When you are due to speak to an audience, make sure you spend enough time preparing appropriate content. Other than plain facts, look at weaving in stories that’ll make it easy for you to narrate as well. Remember facts tell, while stories sell. This is a proven method to engage with your audience and reach a level of comfort early on in your speech.

Be genuine, be you – People want to listen to YOUR speech in YOUR style. Would you appreciate Asha Bhonsle singing like Shakira? Most likely the answer to that question is a NO.

Oprah Winfrey is not just popular, but very loved because she is genuine. Does your speech resonate who you are as a person? Does it take on colours of your personality? Warm, compassionate, humorous, sympathetic, welcoming? Being genuine opens up doors to connect with your audience instantly and keeps them engaged for a long time.

Control the environment – Remember you are in the driving seat when you are at the podium. All ears and eyes are on you and what you say. There is value that you bring to the table and that value is what people are hear to listen to and resonate with. Go forth, confidently – and with a strong intention to add value to  your audience’s time and effort for being there with you.

Know your audience – A good speaker knows his audience and alters his speech to relate to them at every possible level. This way he enjoys their undivided attention till the end. Encouraging Q&A during the speech gives you an added opportunity to get to know your audience and what they are thinking of you and your content.

Visualise – During your preparation, it is a good practice to work on building confidence by visualizing a positive outcome of your speech. See yourself in control of your audience and see yourself delivering the speech effortlessly. See your audience connecting with you.

Olympic runners always win the race in their mind first and then on the track. Visualise, visualise, visualise. Feel how you will feel when the speech is over and you receive a big round of applause and praise from the audience during the feedback.

Found these tips useful? Leave us a comment or share more tips here, we’re eager to learn.

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