5 Rituals Successful People Follow Before Their Breakfast


For those of us who have carved out a successful career and manage to enjoy a good living, some secrets lie in our before breakfast rituals. And for those of us, who want to know why we seem to be rushing between a zillion chores and just barely making it past days – busy and spinning like a top and yet not accomplishing much…let’s take a look at these rituals.

Is there some learning, unlearning and relearning needed. Read on, and you’ll soon know.

The top 5 rituals are

  1. Early rise – Waking up before the rest of the household and the world gives you the most priceless one hour of the day. Your magical one hour. Spend this hour setting yourself up for the day ahead.Plan what your day ahead looks like, chalking out time slots for most of the work, setting priorities against important tasks that have to happen before the day ends.
  1. Exercise – An early rise gives you the brilliant opportunity of walking / jogging in the park amidst green and a rising sun. Bird song and fresh crisp air fill your senses and heighten your sense of well being. It pumps dopamine into your bloodstream – also known as the happiness hormone. With high energy you are all set to face the day that lies ahead!
  1. Meditate – Meditation for a few minutes in the morning helps you reconnect with yourself. Making you formidable inside out. A well balanced mind leads to outstanding performance at work. It not only calms your senses, but also works on strengthening your core. Done over a period of time with reasonable consistency, this is one highly effective practice that successful practice and are monomaniacal about.
  1. Gratitude – Maintaining a gratitude journal and recording your blessings and all that you are thankful for each day fills you with a sense of abundance and gratitude. It in effect also builds your confidence and faith in what you do. Successful people are well grounded in their blessings and are ever ready to help others – because they come from a place of abundance from within.
  1. Focus on your goals – And to gain the final momentum that actually fuels their energy, successful people read their goals every single day. They make notes on how they plan to achieve them, who can help them do so, what actions do they need to take to achieve a goal and visualise how they will feel when they have achieved that goal. It gives them a sense of urgency, enthusiasm and literally propels them to perform at 10x.

Successful people are doers, not just dreamers. And that sets them apart from the rest. They take small and consistent actions every single day that help them move closer to the goal. They stop at every obstacle and find an opportunity in it to more forward or change their course, make new plans to reach their goals.

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