Want To Conquer The Digital Market ? Create A Highly Stimulating Sales Funnel.

The digital marketing is overcrowded with companies & products filling up every tiny little ad space they can get. Establishing an engaging online presence is one and generating leads from that presence is another. A solid sales funnel which maps out step by step your journey into digital marketing is what will help you generate leads.

4 stages that marketers need to focus on:

Following the AIDA Awareness Interest Desire & Action model, digital marketers squeeze their way into a bursting digital industry.

Create awareness:  Whether you are a new brand or an existing one, if you want to create awareness about a new product line or your brand as a whole, you have to keep your audience informed. Exhibitions, expos, any publicity event highlights through photos and content, content with infographics to make it viewer or reader-friendly and fully optimised blogs with the right set of keywords that can bring more traffic to your website or FB page.

Once you have created a database, keep them engaged. Tell them why what makes your product different, email marketing at this stage will help as a consistent communication tool and keep the customers synced with your product/brand.

Small tidbits or factoids about your service/product as visually appealing FB or Twitter posts can also get them hooked.

Once they have fallen for the bait, they begin questioning, they want certain concerns or prejudices about the service/product to be answered by you. Online chat bots today have helped companies in maintaining 24/7 communication with existing & prospective customers.

Pull out things which will encourage them to succumb to their curiosity; be it publicity by the media, testimonials, images of the product or service deliverables, discounts or offers, or guarantee, free delivery anything that will make you or your product/service more desirable.

And finally, they purchase your product or service and if they are happy you will be gifted with more referrals. And another funnel begins!

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