Are You A Persuasive Communicator?

Communication always has a purpose, be it just information sharing, expressing feelings, or persuading someone to do something you want them to do. Today we are looking at one of the most common & dicey forms of communication-persuasive communication. Common because at least once in a day we are indulging in persuading be it at home, work or with friends. And dicey because it takes skill to be successfully persuasive.

Some tips for successful persuasive business communication:

Get Personal: Use personal experiences to justify your ideas, they always add credibility to what you are saying.  Be vivid in your storytelling. Sail them through your experience in such a way that  ` with you, your experience and the idea you want them to pursue. Before you get them to do say or do anything make sure you enrapture them through your telling. Let them listen, absorb & identify then only it makes sense to get them to act.

Get To The Doing: Many a time, it is assumed that all your talking has done the work; but it’s not so. You still need to tell them to do a specific action. Be very specific and not vague that could weaken your argument. Be articulate about the influence their action can, the priority they need to attach etc so that they have a clear idea of what they need to do.

Let This Not Be One-Sided: Be clear about how this action will help them. They should feel that this is a one-sided affair and will be interested to know how they will benefit from this. Be clear, specific & direct. It should be realistic and should not sound too utopic else, they may cease to believe you. If the persuasion is focussing on just you benefitting, it becomes, a selfish and manipulative. Make it sound like an important collaboration which will help both parties.

Persuasive communication is a skill which only some can master and if you do; you ‘ll see a sea of change -personally & professionally!

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