Spare Time is Dream Time

Some people experience boredom, many times in a day and for some 24 hours is just not enough. Your life has meaning, when there is a pursuit of meaning. Your work, family, love etc all add meaning of course, but everyone has personal dreams. Passions which make you more than just an employee/businessman/woman, father, mother, daughter, son, sister brother etc. Your personal dream makes a big part of your identity and achieving it makes you embrace and enjoy the other aspects of life like work, friends & family, even more.

Use your spare time to realise your dreams and to work towards making them come true. The whole idea of having some ‘me time’ is to engage with yourself and with things, thoughts & activities which make you more than what you are or can be.

Yes sure, you can use this time to relax and meet friends & family but prioritise your time well. Spare time is called spare time because you get it sparingly. Honour this time when you have it use it to the best of your potential.

You can even engage in activities which catalyze your dream.

Like for eg, if you want to write about people, take a walk, go to public sites/places, read books, travel etc. if you are a budding artist, attend workshops, visit galleries or art spaces, visit other artists. So basically, you are using spare time in activities that will help you hone your skills to achieve your dream.

There are long intervals of time which are wasted in just getting up from the bed or the toilet pot. These intervals can add to your spare time.

Some tips to make time for spare time:

  • Sleep early and wake up early, morning hours, which are the freshest, come in handy.
  • Follow your routine or schedules thoroughly so that you don’t lag behind.
  • Prioritize your goals/tasks.
  • Make notes about what you have done and what you need to do-it helps you estimate how much time you need for your tasks.
  • Have nutritious snacks -heavy & unhealthy snacks will just increase lethargy.
  • Don’t get distracted by calls or invites to places or people who you know, can wait-YOUR DREAM CAN”T!

Life is short and so whatever time we have or make needs to be honoured with total sincerity. This is the only way we can make the most of this short life & beautiful world!

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