You Get To Public Speaking, Don’t Let Public Speaking Get To You

Public Speaking is very effortless for some people but for some, it is one of the hardest things they get around to doing. A skill set which has a lot of weight in today’s professional world, public speaking is something one must try and nurture. Platforms like ToastMasters International which is active worldwide have given impetus to people to try their hand at public speaking and many who began shakily have moved on to compete internationally.

Having some starting trouble? Here are some tips that will boost your confidence.

The first 5 minutes of your speech will determine the rest of your speech. So, choose your starting lines wisely. Make sure you capture the audience’s attention in these 5 minutes. Humour can be a good way to break the ice or just be your charismatic self and charm them with a pleasant smile and a simple introduction about yourself.

Public speaking is just a way to express your ideas, opinions and thoughts to an audience.and so they must see and hear you and not anybody else. Do not try to put up a facade, you then become an actor and cease to be a speaker. Do not try costumes or using props, just be yourself and be true to what you are speaking about. You have to make your speech personal, if you personalise your content you will not need to try too hard. You will be effortless as a speaker.

Embrace vulnerability and the unknown. It makes you authentic. People will find you and your speech to be genuine which is a big plus-not just for the audience but for you too. You will have a natural flow and will not be victim to fakeness. By not always being prepared, being spontaneous and ready to experience the unknown, will give you different ways to approach the audience and your topic in hand. Of course, preparedness does help many, but when you are comfortable as a speaker try being impromptu. You and the audience will enjoy the journey more!

Share your public speaking stories with others. Their responses will drive you to further your enquiry into public speaking. Especially when people admire you, you will be motivated keep at it.

Some key points in your speech which could help you:

  • Use of good humour.
  • Inspiring stories.
  • Sharing personal experiences.
  • Keep it simple.
  • More open body language, don’t restrict yourself.

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