Embrace Gratitude to Embrace Positivity

‘Be positive!’ is easier said than done. Positivity requires a drastic change of mindset and one of the ways you could induce this change is by practicing gratitude. Being grateful for what we have is quite a strong and powerful thing. The beauty is, we feel we are grateful and show our gratitude to things and people, but, unless we register this gratitude in our day to day lives, we are not really aware of or feeling it.

Hence the Daily Gratitude Tracker.

Every day, take not more than 45 Seconds to write down only 3 things you feel grateful for.

Don’t write more than 3, it will cease to be genuine and ends up being a storytelling exercise. Also, avoid taking more than 45 seconds, the more immediate and instant you are in noting it down, the more real and true it will be. Don’t think too much or get too psychological about it, let it be more organic in nature. The more you think, the more you start considering it a task and you’ll find it hard to be consistent.

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss writing one day, you can make up for it the next day when you can write 6 things instead of 3. Also sometimes, you might want to repeat some things – go ahead and do it! Just remember to write it differently. Reading same things written differently will open you up to more perspectives and reinforce a particular attitude or mindset, which really means something to you and suggests how you live your life with.

Your Daily Gratitude Trackers will initially force but later on inculcate a culture in you to appreciate the goodness in you and surrounding you. Even on your bad days, don’t fail to update your gratitude tracker; it will not change your situation like magic but, will make you see beyond your troubles and stimulate your mind and body to embrace that situation and work along with it.

Gratitude in today’s world, which is engulfed with war & greed, is the need of the hour; it will instill hope for a better future.

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