Make Time For Personal Development

Work-life balance has garnered a lot of significance, especially in European countries like France, where it is illegal to contact co-workers post 6 pm. Yet, many of us in India fail to honour this balance. If a cog in a wheel wears out the whole wheel suffers – this is exactly the relationship work (cog) and life(wheel) share. We need to indulge in activities that will catalyse our professional success, and at the same time, help us grow personally too. Here is what you can do to maintain this balance:

Start your day with an exercise routine. Blood flow to your brain is very important to enhance cognitive skills, especially entrepreneurs whose doing is backed by a lot of thinking; since major decisions are done by him/her, the mind must be fresh & resourceful for BIG thinking.

Breathing is an activity often taken for granted but it is something we need to be mindful of; it helps re-energize and increases awareness. Meditation is the best way to indulge in mindful breathing, take some time off during your busy schedule, sit where you are sitting and just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You’ll open your eyes, recharged!

Every company or business leader has a vision but declaring it on manuals or websites is just not enough. Take time to visualise that vision, based on which you build your business, and just like that your goals and the work you need to do to achieve them, become clear. Thinking only about the ideal outcome is superficial and short-sighted, give yourself an opportunity to reflect on the work you have been doing currently and visualise how your goals are being impacted by that.

Go back to cultivating your hobbies. Nourish your dormant talent, it will not only serve as rejuvenation but will also facilitate an understanding of yourself. We get introduced to different dimensions of ourselves while playing a game or singing or even while reading. Which takes us to the next path of personal development. Reading self-help books will help you to be consistent with personal growth and drive you towards taking up new things which will facilitate that growth.

An old school, yet a powerful tool, which adds a lot of meaning to our everyday activities is a diary. A journal will help you reflect and record your progress. Your feelings, your observations and your challenges, all can be jotted down in this journal which will help you see the big picture in small details!

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