Your Beliefs Build You, Don’t Quit On Them!

Using his graffiti and street art as cultural, social & political commentary, Banksy of Bristol, England, once said, “if you get tired, learn to rest not to quit.” The fascinating thing about him, apart from his work, of course, is his ability to stay anonymous even after gaining worldwide fame.

Banksy embraces anonymity to such an extent that no one knows whether Banksy is one person or a group of artists and there are many rumours surrounding it.

Global leaders & legendary icons like Walt Disney are crusaders of  ‘not quitting’ which is many times an easy option, especially when you are engaged in doing something which is challenging and which others don’t support or believe in. Physical fatigue is much less of a hurdle than the mental downfall of not being heard. This is the ‘tired’ Banksy is talking about. When you strongly believe in something and spend most of your life living that belief, and have no one to share that with, you will get tired.

His anonymity is a testimony to his honest attempt to change the world for the world and not for himself. As he continues bold stenciling work, which is almost always anti-establishment, with no profit motive in mind, he exemplifies the notion of working for what you truly believe in, regardless of how many people support you.

Unlike Banksy’s art which doesn’t directly involve people in the process of creating the art, business is a process which engages people throughout. It is necessary that all of them are more or less on the same page, else goals will be far from achieved. There are times when your patience will be tested to the maximum and when you will feel like settling for something easier – that is the cue for you to rest. Rest yourself not your ideas. Give yourself a break, a breath of fresh air, and some time to ruminate over all the goodness that is life.

While you rest, your belief in your ideas strengthen, there is more clarity, there is more energy that gets accumulated for you to get the ball rolling again.

At the same time, you must ensure that no ego or personal motive is attached to your ideas and only larger interest is what drives them. This makes your work genuine and gives your life more meaning.

After all, it is your beliefs that make you, don’t quit, rest a while maybe.

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