8 Do’s and Don’ts of Networking Follow Ups


Our last blog looked at why following up is important and suggested some strategies for you to use in your follow up game. Today let’s look at some do’s and don’ts that will help you ace it.

Do follow up in Time

Connecting up within the first 2-3 days is critical. This ensures that your interaction and conversation will be fresh in their mind. It can be a brief email or a phone call, depending on the level of your connection. A reminder of where and how you met is very important as is a mention of something that you spoke about. Small personal touches can add a lot.


Don’t spam the person via email or social media

It is important to find different mediums to connect on, but more important to understand the difference between being persistent and spamming the person. Being overzealous in reaching out to someone can get annoying pretty quickly and will gain you nothing except a spot in the ‘To be Ignored!’ list.


Don’t ramble

This is another red flag. Whether it is when conversing or in an email, make it brief and to the point. This shows a basic respect for the other person’s time and yours.


Do have a specific goal or agenda

Be clear about what you want from the person, and convey it succinctly. Are you seeking a referral? A Business Opportunity? Introducing someone you think might be of interest to the other person? Some specific information? This will help avoid any misunderstandings and also convey your seriousness and commitment.


Don’t keep selling

No one likes to be looked at as only a business opportunity or a market. Don’t sell yourself or your company from the get go. Give them time to get to know you and vice versa.


Do offer value to the other person

Stop thinking in terms of short term benefits. Helping others is the best way to help yourself – these are not empty words, but a successful real world strategy. Try to figure out what you can add to the other person’s life or business. This could range from something as simple as an article that they might find useful to a contact or a business referral.


Do treat the person as more than a Job Title

Take the time to know who you are interacting with and learn as much about them as possible. Look at them as a person and not just their title. This will reflect in your communication and encourage a personal relationship and improve your connection.


Don’t be discouraged by a lack of response

Give people some time to respond back to you. Everyone is busy in their own lives and while you and your concerns are important to you, they will not have the same priority in anothers. Ensure that you are giving sufficient time in between and not smothering the person, and if you get a clear ‘no’ respect it. But till that happens don’t take a lack of response personally and send reminders to connect at periodic intervals.


Develop a follow up strategy which incorporates these tips and let us know which made the most difference to you.

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